New Zealand garden of distinction

Paloma Gardens

The first Whanganui Camera Club photoshoot for 2020 was to Paloma Gardens in nearby Fordell. The gardens are maintained by Nicki and Clive Higgie and have a lovely diversity of plants, walks, ponds and trees – you can see all about it here http://www.paloma.co.nz/ It was a lovely morning and […]

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Whanganui photography

Trip to Jerusalem, Whanganui

It’s a pleasant 60 min drive up the River Road from Whanganui to Jerusalem. Our local Camera Club visited there recently and were graciously hosted at St Joseph’s church by Sister Christina of the Sisters of Compassion. If you are unaware of the history of the church in Jerusalem the […]

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Floral photography

Maartje’s Garden

Our camera club Nature Group had a photo shoot at Maartje’s Garden recently. Both Taylor and Beresford had their cameras out! Fantastic diversity and colour on display. Tell us which is your favourite.

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