Having travelled from London to Paris on the Eurostar we had an appetite for more fast train travel. Targeting some friends in Pézenas in the south of France we took the TGV fast train from Gare du Lyon to Avignon. I tried some high speed photography out the window, as France raced by, with limited success. In Avignon we transferred to the Avignon centre to see the town the Pope lived in during the 14th Centrury. Unfortunately, due to a national strike on everything, our time in Avignon was cut drastically to around 90min giving us time to walk into town, up the main street, sneak a peek at the Palais de Papes and then traipse back again, hauling our bags, to catch the regional train to Beziers. After our visit to Pézenas ( https://taylorberesford.photos/project/pezenas/ ) our hosts drove us to Montpellier Airport for the flight back to London but not before a short detour to a local flour mill on a hill overlooking the Languedoc region with the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. A quick trip indeed!

Hope you are enjoying the images